Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012

{Look Who's Back}
Jordan Lee, Phil, Bethany, and Baby are back!!!!!

I am sure they thought they were never going to get to come visit this year since it took us so long to put up our Christmas Tree. It seems like every year we put up our tree and they come back they night.. I guess they know it is Christmas time!!! Jordan Lee was our 1st elf and he has been coming since Jackson was 3 1/2 and Brylee was 2. Then Jackson and Brylee ask for "touchy elves" since you can't touch Jordan Lee so Santa sent us Phil and Bethany when Jackson was 7 1/2 and Brylee was 6. And last year they wrote a note to Santa asking him for a little elf and he sent Baby last year. Mama sent Santa a note and said that is enough... we can not take care of any more elves... Santa will have to send them to other boys and girls! 

Brylee enjoys taking Bethany and Baby to school every day. She wrote Santa a note asking him for some new clothes for Bethany so we will see if Santa can find some new clothes for Bethany and send our way! Jackson's school doesn't allow elves at his school so Jordan Lee and Phil hang out at the house and enjoy the quiet during the day! 

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