Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012

{New Years Eve}

We had a fun New Years Eve ringing in the New Year with lots of friends! We started off at the fireworks stand stocking up on fireworks! Jackson and Brylee love to pick out fireworks they can shoot. Then we headed to the Franklin's for the annual New Years Eve party and fireworks show. The show where Jeremy and Ray get into a contest to see who can buy the biggest and the best fireworks! 

armed and ready with fireworks...
lots of sparklers fun... 
After the Franklin's we headed over to the Brown's for New Years Eve Party round 2! 
We had a great time ringing in the New Year with all our baseball buddies! 

Melissa, Me and Aimee

All the ladies... 
The ladies have fun hanging out in the kitchen talking, 
the men downstairs in the man cave 
and the kids just running and playing inside and outside! 
Checking in with the dads downstairs or grabbing a bite from the moms in the kitchen!
Fun times were had by all! 

We even had a little dance party and Brylee was all about it. 
Here she is getting in on a little "wobble" action! 
We all even made it until midnight! I think this is the first time my kids have made it to midnight on New Years to welcome in the New Year! They were so excited! Funny how times on New Years have changed over the years! We have gone from Richard and I ringing in the New Year adult style; then there were the years when our kiddos were little when we were fast asleep and rang in the New Year in our dreams; now we are ringing in the New Year with our kiddos!!!! What a fun night!!!!

Happy New Year!!!! 

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