Thursday, April 18, 2013

March Madness

March Madness (in April)! I realized I blogged about our trip to New York and some of Spring Break but March was packed full of all kinds of fun filled activities that I forgot to share!

1. Jackson's Animal Project: Jackson had to do a project on an animal of his choice. He chose to do the Great White Shark. Here he is with mine.. I mean his... ok our Great White Shark project! :) We got a 100%! :)
2. Brylee and the second grade had a living museum with historical characters. She had to dress up like the character and tell everyone 5 important facts about her character! Now presenting Anne Frank! :)    

3. School Picture Day: Which I don't even know why I care what she wears I never buy the Spring Pictures.. just not a fan of the poses or the wonderful flower garden or beach background that is our choice!
4. Hotel Fun: GoGo and Grandaddy had their bathrooms redone in their house which meant they had to go stay in a hotel during the process so Jackson and Brylee got to tag along! The hotel had an indoor pool so of course that was a big plus!!! Super excited about going swimming!!!

5. BMX Bike Track at Oak Mt.: During Spring Break I took the kids to Oak Mt to ride their bikes on the BMX track and the bike trails. They loved it!!!
6. Shamfest: Mt Laurel had a Shamfest St Patricks Day weekend.. Daddy sold ice cream all weekend and we would go visit. The kids enjoyed riding the rides!
7. Duck Dynasty Obsession: I don't know about you but we are some big Duck Dynasty fans here at our house! Jackson and Brylee are obsessed!!!! We have a gazillion episodes on DVR and they watch at least one every day! Especially Jackson! He even has a Happy Happy Happy shirt and wants an Uncle Si Tea Cup too! :) Well we were in Walmart and they have this cardboard Willie... of course they had to get their picture made with him! Silly!!!!
8. Montgomery Field Trip: Jackson's class went on a field trip to Montgomery and I got to chaperon the trip! It was a good little trip... Old Alabama Town was the best part! However, I left my good costa sunglasses that I have had for 8 years on the bus and they are no where to be found. :( so I can't think about the Montgomery trip without mourning the lose of my sunglasses. I am so sad! :(
Just what we needed snakes from the gift shop! 
I think that pretty much sums up what all we did during March! 

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