Tuesday, May 14, 2013

All About Me, Richard's take!!!!

Several blogs I follow have done an all about me from the husbands point of view! I knew this would be a great activity to do on the way to the beach because what else do you do in the car for 4 hours but make your husband tell you what he would tell others if they ask him about his wife!!!

Now let me just say that it took some coaching, begging and pleading with him because talking is not exactly something he loves to do. If you know RP at all you know he doesn't say much but when he does you better listen up because it is probably going to be funny! :)

OK so here you go... here are the things my husband said about me...

1. She lives vicariously through reality TV shows!
I don't know that I technically "live vicariously" through all aspects of reality TV because no part of ME actually wishes I was the Bachelorette having to pick from 25 guys in hopes that I pick the right one to be my husband in front of America. But I do love to watch those shows... and yes jetting off to exotic places, dressing up in fancy gowns, and participating in some of the fun activities that they get the opportunity to do would be fun!  

2. She is enthralled in other people's lives!
I think this comment comes from all the blog following and facebook stalking I do! Yes, its true I do follow lots of blogs and have followed some of them for years. Yes I do get excited when one of my blog friends have "exciting" events going on just like I would get excited with my real life friends! He also laughs at me because I make comments about my facebook friends like "did you know so and so did this or that and he always says no or so... he could care less! ha! :) 
beach summer 2002

3. She is the worst grocery store shopper she can go and spend $100 on food and not have one meal!
He hit the nail on the head with this one... I am the worst grocery store shopper. I don't mind going I am just not very productive when I go. I will go and spend $100 and have all snacks. We will have all the cookies, granola bars, yogurts, pop tarts, little debbie cakes, drinks, and whatever the latest greatest snacks I have seen somewhere but I will not have one meal... or I will ONLY have one meal! To be productive at the grocery store I have to go to the store and buy whatever it is that I am going to cook that night. I can not make a menu and then go to the store and get all the items I need for 5 meals... it overwhelms me and I can't make decisions that far out either on what I want to eat! My favorite way to go to the store is to... just send Richard!!!  

4. She can spend a $100 on clothes and have 8 outfits!
I may not be a good grocery shopper but I am one heck of a clothes shopper and I will get a deal. There are certain stores that if it is not on sale I will not buy it b.c next week it will be on sale and don't think I want be searching for a coupon code on my phone in line at the register... he usually goes to the car at that point! ha :) 

5. She always rounds down about how much she spends... If something cost $28 she says it cost $20!
I am guilty of this too... I am always trying to "hide" what I spend and $20 sounds way better than $28 and I would never say $30 b.c that is waayy more than I spent! ha! :) 

6. She can remember what someone wore to an event 6 years ago but can't remember what time her daughter goes to dance every week!
I do have a problem with this too... its because the dance times are odd times... it is 3:45 and 4:15... I am not good at times on the quarters I need it to be half or whole... and yes I ask him every week... what time does dance start or what time does dance end and he never takes or picks up but always can remember the times. And yes I do remember what everyone wears... he will go to put something on to go to a special event or holiday and I will say you can't wear that your wore that last year or on this holiday etc and of course he is like who cares!!! :) I do apparently! Now I could careless what he wears to school every day which is why he wears his black shirt once if not twice a week! ha! :) 

7. She doesn't mind speaking her mind and her options loud and often!
Ha Ha Ha!!! After he made this comment... he said is that mean??? Ha! :) I knew what he meant... he is not going to speak up about ANYTHING... I am always the one that has to handle situations that come up whether it be teacher/school related or baseball or house! I always have to call! And yes if I don't agree with it I will let you know and if you don't like it; oh well! :) 

8. She doesn't clean the house often but when she does you better watch out bc if its not nailed down it has been hidden! (ie Remote control) 
OK yes I do clean the house... well i do a lot of picking up normally but since I am not working right now I have been really CLEANING the house like cleaning out drawers, cabinets, closets, scrubbing baseboards, rearranging our room etc... and I just put the remote behind a picture frame instead of just on the night stand in our bedroom and you would have thought i hid it like an easter egg! ha! :) 
one of our wedding showers june 2001

9. She loves it when I put Brylee in a $100 outfit and don't brush her hair!
Yes, he is the worlds worst about this especially during daddy daycare times... he will let her pick out her clothes and it will be a boutique outfit and then she will not even have her hair brushed and certainly want have a bow... it make me crazy!!! I finally had to start laying out clothes for her and even showing him b.c I would lay it out and tell her and she would change it to whatever she wanted it to be and he would say well that's what she said she was suppose to wear! I tell him if you hair is going to look like "who - da- thunk - it" then your clothes should too! :) 

10. She is very determined. If she thinks something should be a certain way it should be and she doesn't like it if its not!
Well... I am kind of a planned out person and when things don't go my way I get my feathers a little ruffled sometimes... I try to go with the flow but sometimes I just can't go down without a "fight"! 

11. It drives her crazy that I would wear shorts 365 days a year no matter what the temperature is outside!
Yes, it does... if he could wear shorts to school he would... he would wear shorts on Christmas Day if I would let him... I just don't understand why it is 32 degrees outside and he has on shorts. I will never forget one football game I promise you it was FREEZING I had a huge coat on, blanket etc and RP has on shorts and a pullover... he says his legs don't get cold. Whatever?!?!?

12. She has the coldest blood or the worst circulation ever; she is always cold!!!
I am always cold... I am always wrapped up in a blanket and wear flannel PJ pants year around. The car is the worst b.c he keeps the air on full blast all the time... road trips oh my... I just have learned to wear long sleeves and bring a blanket or i will freeze! 

Well that was fun but it took me way longer to finish it than I ever thought it would! :) 

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