Friday, May 31, 2013

Beach Weekend Day 2: Parasailing

Saturday we woke up to some clouds and rain... boo hoo! We had an appointment to go Parasailing and the kids were hoping and praying they would get to go! Thankfully after lunch the rain stopped and the clouds were beginning to burn off and we all got to go!   

Jackson and Grandaddy waiting to get on the boat! 
 Here we go.... all smiles 
 up up and away...
it was so cool!!!! 
 Coming back in... 
 Dipping our feet (or legs) in the water... 
Coming back to the boat 
Parasailing is something I have always wanted to do but just never did it. Grandaddy said it was something he had always wanted to do too so he said... let's do it so we did and Jackson and Brylee loved it too! :) 

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