Friday, May 31, 2013

Beach Weekend Day 3

After we checked out of our condo in Destin we went over to Pensacola Beach where Granny and Pap Pap were staying with their friends Scott and Shirley and hung out with them at the beach and the pool for a few hours until we headed home! It's always sad to leave the beach but we had to get home so everyone could go back to school and finish out the last week!!!! 

Mr Scott is such a trooper because he let Brylee and Jackson bury him in the sand!   
 Jackson and Pap Pap playing ladder ball 
 Mr. Scott and Brylee doing tricks in the ocean
 Pap Pap and Brylee building a sand castle 
 JP and daddy playing ball in the ocean 
 and then Jackson decided he would let them bury him...
 Swimming in the pool 

 They had a cool little splash pad, water playground pool at the hotel that they kids enjoyed playing in... 

We had lots of fun in the sun!!!
See you soon beach!!!! 

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