Friday, May 31, 2013

RA & GA Recognition

Every Wednesday night at church Jackson and Brylee participate in RA's (Royal Ambassador) and GA's (Girls in Action) mission class. It is a class where they learn Bible Verses, learn about missionaries and different countries, and they also participate in different mission opportunities each month such as collecting school supplies, donating money to Annie Armstrong, and making bows to match dresses for girls in Haiti which will be sent with our sunday school class on their mission trip to Haiti this summer!   

At the end of each year the church has a recognition service. The dad's escort the daughters on stage. 

Daddy and Brylee

All the GA's on stage  
 Brylee receiving her certificate and charm for completing her mission activities this year! 
The first year the girls receive a charm bracelet and a charm and then each year after they receive a charm for their bracelet. When they complete their 6 years of GA's they will leave with a charm bracelet and 6 charms... I just think that is so sweet and such a special keep sake! 
 Sweet B 
 The 4th grade RA group! 
 These guys have a vest and they earn patches for each of the missions they complete!
a loud and rowdy bunch of boys...  
 Sweet Mattie and Brylee 
 Brylee with her BFF's Coleigh and Mattie 
What a sweet and memorable service for the boys and girls! I know I have said it on her a million times but I will say it again... I am so thankful for our church!!! We have made some of our best friends through church and sunday school... I would not trade those relationships for anything. I feel so blessed to be a member of a church that has a heart for OUR children and teaching them about Jesus, missions, and how to live a life to glorify God Almighty! We joined LBC when Jackson was about 6 months old... so we have been members for 10 years and I will say without a doubt (and I know RP would agree) it was one of the best decisions we have made for our family! I wanted nothing more than for my children then to grow up in a church with ladies and gentleman that love the Lord who have rocked them and sang Jesus Loves Me when they were babies, fed them goldfish and apple juice while teaching them bible stories as toddlers, and now teaching them how to be young men and women who love the Lord and share his love to others as children! I know it is not just the church responsibility to teach our children; we have a responsibility as parents too but it take a village and I am so happy to have a church family to walk along side of me! God is good, all the time God is good!!!

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