Friday, June 28, 2013

Jackson's State Baseball Tournament

The weekend of June 7-9 was not only Brylee's Dance Recital Weekend but it was also Jackson's State Baseball Tournament in Cullman. To say that was a busy weekend was an understatement! 

Friday afternoon we headed to Cullman after Brylee's dance rehearsal to get ready to see JP play 2 games. He played at 7 & 9 and then daddy and Jackson stayed in Cullman that night and GoGo, Grandaddy, Brylee and I headed home so we could get ready for Brylee's recital the next day! Once RP got Jackson ready for his game the next day he passed him off to the coaches and headed to the recital! (I would not let him miss B's recital so he had to miss a baseball game but oh well... at least they won!) She only has one recital he has plenty of games! :) 

Jackson played 2 games Friday night and won one game and lost the other game! 

 Then he played 3 games Saturday won 2 of them and lost 1 one. 

 Jackson man I have to brag on you for a minute! You are the BEST sport on the whole team! PERIOD! Other parents on the team always tell us that too!  If they gave a sportsmanship award hands down you would win it! You are always the first one to give someone a high five and congratulate them for doing good. Just like in the picture above... giving Little E a high five and telling him great hit! You do your best to keep your team motivated even when ya'll are getting your eyes beat out! You NEVER cry (thank God), get mad, get rattled, you just go on! I hope you never loose this... I know it will bring you great joy one day!

We had not planned on staying in Cullman Saturday night but we did not finish playing until almost 7 and then had to play again at 9 the next morning so we ended up staying in Cullman again!

They ended up playing 3 games Sunday... won the first and second game and lost the last game.

They ended up placing 3rd in the state which was great! They played great but just could not keep playing all those games... they were toast and we were out of pitching too. Our coach was so sweet to them after one of the games... he even got a little emotional because of how far this little team made it in the tournament.

We really were like the bad news bears at the beginning.. it was bad... we played LOTS of game without winning any games. It was sad! :( Then when we placed 2nd in that tournament Memorial Day weekend it was like the spark they needed I guess??? They still had some rocky games but all in all they have done so well since then! Winning is so much for FUN than loosing!!!

This tournament did not give any awards to the 3rd place team but when our team went to practice the next time after the game our coach had rings (which is what the 1st and 2nd place team got) for our boys. The tournament director told our coach that he was so proud of our team and how far they had come that they deserved a ring too! How sweet! At first I thought a ring... how dumb.. JP is going to care less about that ring... but I was wrong. He is so proud of that ring... its huge and he can't wear it but he loved to show it to anyone that comes over! He thinks its like a national championship ring! ha! :) oh my!!! Well I guess to him it is!

We are so proud of you Jackson!!! Our Little Catcher Man!!!! It has been a tough year all the way around but you have stuck it out in good times and bad times! You are my baseball hero... I am so proud of the baseball player you have become this season!

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