Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Fun from iPhone!

I can NOT believe June is OVER! Seriously one month of Summer is O-V-E-R!!!! Boo Hoo!!!! I really want it to slow down!!! OK well maybe there have been a few days that I wished it away! But we are really are soaking up every last second of summer and absolutely LOVING IT!!!!!

We live at the pool!!!! Praise Jesus for the pool!!! Everyone is happy as can be (ok well most of the time) at the pool! I will say when we talked about joining I was in sticker shock but it has be worth every single penny we spent; and we still have 2 more months of swimming! Yay!!!!
The kids LOVE jumping, diving, and flipping off the diving board!!! 

We love going to the pool and running into our friends!!! 

All 4 of my little ducklings went to VBS at Asbury June 3rd through 6th 
they all had a great time and then we would hit the pool after VBS!!! 

CFA Family Night Face Painting!!! 
Sweet Kamilia came to visit Sweet Home Alabama (for those that don't remember she was our friends Ray and Mandy exchange student from Norway that "lived" here almost 3 school years ago! Brylee loves her to death; I mean we do too. But Brylee misses her so much! Thank goodness for social media we can still keep up with her! We did not get to see her much because she was a busy lady but we did get to see her twice!
While "the big kids" had XLR8 camp at VBS my little bug and I had VBS from 9 - 12 everyday! Then we would go home and enjoy the peace and quiet! ha! :) Our VBS theme was FIshing for Jesus and they had a beach in the adventure room. Katie was "building a sand castle"!
One day after camp the kids were so hot so they got the water hose out and made them a red neck water park on the trampoline! Whatever to stay cool I guess! :)
We had group picture day at VBS in our tees!!!! 
Katie-Bug and Me (who could pass for my child right???) ha! 
Jackson and Brylee on the last day of XLR8 Camp!!!! 
Brylee off to a spend the night party!!!! Such a BIG Girl!!! 
I don't know how she stayed up until 2:00 am after being at camp all week but she did
and yes we paid for it for the next 2 days... she was CRANKY!!!!  
Popsicles at the Pool!!! 
Always!!!! Keepin cool during the "adult swim time"
The 1st 10 min of every hr which JP calls "life guard break"! ha! :) 
We went to eat Wings one night after ball and it was Kids night
they have a clown making balloon art... yea just what we wanted
a huge hat and flower to keep up with!!!! :) 

Last weekend JP's team stayed "home" and played a tournament in Chelsea... thank you JESUS!!! If I go to Cullman to play baseball again it will be too soon!!! We only went up there like 5 or 6 different times! UGH!
And what do you know they WON their first tournament!!!! Go Team Chaos!!!!
Crazy Boys!!!! 
We went to Sweet Frog afterwards for a congratulations JP treat!!!! 
and I guess Sissy gets the "thanks for sitting out in the heat all day" treat!!!! 
Sunday we got to go to church for the first time all summer! We have either been out of town or at ball all summer! It was so good to be back and I was so glad to see us all get showers, wash, dry, & roll our hair (ok not the boys on the rolling part), put on makeup, and get dressed in real clothes and actually go somewhere but more importantly church! I think this might be the first time all summer this happened! ha! :)
Monday the pool is closed... yes Mondays are "the worst day ever" when you are 10, 8, 7, & 5 and I guess for me too! ha! :) So we went to the "cheap" movie. It was fun and since it rained pretty much all day was a great activity too!
More pool fun!!!! Silly Jackson man!!! 
Friday we went to Huddle House to eat breakfast... well brunch b.c it was like 11:00am before we all got up and out of the house! Can I tell you how much I LOVE... with a capital LOVE that my kids can sleep late!!!! Thank you Jesus! And even though JP doesn't sleep as long as we do he is so sweet and quiet and kind to let us sleep late!!! He is the bomb! They wanted to sit at the bar and I looked over and they were doing this... so sweet... but then I realized they were taking a picture together... which i guess is still sweet!

Well I guess that about wraps up June for us!!!! I seriously can not believe it is over!!! 
We are having a blast this summer!!! I am so so so so thankful and feel extremely blessed to be able to spend this much time together with my kids and as a family too! 
Best Summer Ever!!!! 

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Happy Summer!!!!! 

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