Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sweet Summertime

Sweet Summertime!!!! Oh how I have been looking so forward to SUMMER!!!! 

I think I might have been just as excited as the kiddos for school to end and summer to be here!!!!
It has been A LONG time since I have had a summer!!! When I was a teacher we would all be off during the summer but the kiddos were much younger and I am not sure that was really a break! ha! :)  It was such a chore to load up and go to the pool... you had to take the whole house and the kids just could not hang out for an extended period of time. By the time we got all unloaded and settled at the pool it was time to go! My kiddos were early riser when they were younger and by the time playdates started at 10am I was exhausted and ready for nap time. It was the summer where we lived for nap time. And that's ok too because it was just the season we were in at the time. It was just hard when they were at a young age to truly enjoy summer! Then when I worked for the clothing company I had some off days during the summer but most of those days I was off because RP had an ice cream function or he had professional development at school. It never really seemed like we had a summer together! I know some people never get a summer and work all year for a few weeks of vacation but when you have had a summer you know what it is like and you miss it! 

All that to say, I was super excited about this summer!!! I promised myself I was going to count this summer as a HUGE blessing! And it is I am so thankful we are all off and able to spend this time together. I told myself I was going to try and not get frustrated with the kiddos and just enjoy being with them. Sure they are going to get bored and on my nerves but we all made a pack to give each other the space we needed and just enjoy being together! So far we are having a great summer! I honestly can't believe we only have 2 more months of summer!!! Time please slow down!!!! 

We joined a community pool and have been loving our time at the pool. The kids are older now and it is so much more enjoyable. They can just go and swim and enjoy for like 4 hours and they come home DOG TIRED! Thank you Jesus for the pool!!! There is always someone at the pool we know and the kids just enjoy playing with their friends, jumping off the diving boards, playing gator, swimming and eating icee pops from the concession stand! We have a few extras with us this summer... my nephew and niece Zac and Katie are spending some time with us this summer too! Once I got past the fact that adding 2 more means its takes you twice as long to get out the door and in the car to go anywhere and 4 kids can kill a box of snacks in about 2 seconds flat... we were good to go! We are all working like a well oiled machine now!!! 

Here we are all ready to swim on our first day at the pool May 29, 2013!!!!
Here's to Summer 2013!!! Enjoying each other and spending time together!!!! 
Counting my blessing for sure!!!! 

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