Friday, August 30, 2013

First Day of School

1st Day of School 

Brylee 3rd grade 
Looking so grown up!!!! 
The theme this year is chevron and Vera Bradley 
and check out her bracelet too!!! 
Miss Fashionista 

Jackson 5th grade 
My handsome little man... 
As long as he is wearing Chelsea Blue he is good to go... 
He was all about his Under Armour Back Pack as well 

Look OUT Forest Oaks here come The Powers 
Can I tell you how excited I am that they are back at the same school this year!?! 
And it is about 10 minutes in school traffic from my house!!!! 
It Rocks!!!! 

There they go... getting on the bus!!!! 

The night before I told RP i thought I wanted to take them on the first day but they already had in their mind they were riding the bus so I just let them go b/c I did not want to throw Brylee for a loop she likes things to stay as planned! 

Then I waited ALL.DAY.LONG for them to get home!
I was one lonely mama! 
I went to Boo Hoo/ Woo Hoo Breakfast but other than I watched the clock! :(
I have never taken them to school on the first day and then come home! 
It was weird to say the least! 
I had spent all summer with them and then they were gone! 
It has taken some getting used too for sure!!!! 

Happy First Day of School Snack!!!!! 
 My favorite part of the day... here come by babies!!!! 
They both had great days!!!!
I was so excited!!!! 
Here's to a great school year!!!!! 

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