Monday, August 5, 2013

July Happenings!!!

How is JULY already over?!?!?!? Where did it go? I promise it was just July 4th and now it is over. Time is just flying by at record speed. Here is some of what kept us super busy and loving summer fun in July! 

Happy Birthday Kevin!!!! 
My uncle, Kevin, who is my mom's youngest brother celebrated his birthday July 2nd at Joe's Crab Shack! This time last year he was in UAB hospital fighting for his life. He had a massive heart attack and was in the hospital most of the summer. He now has a "machine heart" that he wears that acts as his heart. He is also on the heart transplant list. So needless to say birthdays are a big celebration for him! 

FUN at the ZOO with Friends!!!! 
Brylee and I enjoyed a fun day at the zoo with two of my friends and their children. Katy (Maggie and Burkleigh) and Sherry (John Tanner and Walker). Here we are all ready to ride the choo choo train!!! 


Wednesday, July 3rd Chelsea had a fireworks show... The Big Kaboom!!! The weather had predicted rain and it had rained off and on all day but thankfully when it came time for the show there was no rain in sight! We enjoyed meeting all our baseball buddies and friends at the fireworks show. The kids all ran around and played before the show and had a great time! 

Reid and Jackson eating popcorn and watching the fireworks!
Sparkler Fun for the main show! 

Donut Cafe 
A new doughnut shop opened up in our town. So of course, we had to check it out on opening day. The kids and I went to get donuts. They were good, but by the time we woke up and we went the selection was slim. They sold out of donuts by 11am and I think we were there around 10:30. So we will have to go visit try some of their favorites! 

Pool Fun!!!!! 
We have enjoyed the pool this summer. 
July has been the month of rain so 
we have not been able to go and enjoy it as much but we went some. 

Drive In Movie... Monsters University 
We went to the drive in movie to see Monsters University for a birthday party! I had never been before so we were excited about going. It was a fun night with all our friends but I am not sure the kids watched much of the movie and I know I did not. I talked to my friends all night long. And the BUGS... OMG!!!!! I got ate up by bugs so bad and I even had on bug spray. The next few days I thought I was going to claw my legs off they itched so bad. I even woke up in the middle of the night scratching them so bad! It was awful! I ended up at my pharmacy friend begging for some medicine to get some relief. So needless to say the drive in was not all I had hoped it would be. I think we will stick to watching movies at the theater from now on! 

We love us some snow snack on these warm summer days!!!! 

Summer Celebrations: It was my month to host bunco and these three people helped me out so much to get everything ready for my fun night! Then they were off to celebrate Richard'great aunts 80th birthday at Lloyd's. JP also went home with Granny and Pap Pap for his "Jackson Weekend Alone". They always try and get each grandchild for a few days alone each summer! 

***Happy Anniversary!!! 12 years***

We celebrated with our friends at Firebirds!!!! 

While Jackson was away at the lake... we had Girls FRO-YO Day!!!! 

Camp Sunshine Farms: 
Brylee headed to a 3 day day camp at Sunshine Farms! 
She had fun swimming, hiking, arts & craft, shooting BB guns, riding horses etc... 

Brylee, Katie, & Zac all ready for camp!!!! 

Jackson went to Alabama Baseball Camp for 3 days! He loved it!!!! 

cooling off after camp: enjoying some snow biz!!!! 

Sweet Frog: More Fro Yo... we love after dinner treats!!!! 

Six Flags Fun: 
Some people from our Sunday School Class went to Six Flags one Saturday! Brylee had the coupon she got at school for reading 6hr and she was eager to use it. I had a prior commitment for school that I could not change so daddy had to take them to Six Flags alone. What a sweet daddy!! They had a great time. Despite a little rain delay! RP said that Jackson and Brylee love the roller coasters!!! 

Football Practice: Jackson is playing football again this year and they started practice a few weeks ago. I think he is excited and ready????

Rain Day Fun: Building Tents 

Spend the Night Fun: 
Brylee had her friend Coleigh over to spend the night! We went to chick fil a and then they came played AG dolls and watched Teen**Beach**Movie!!!!! Which we had watch about a gazillion times and I can sing along with all the songs...Surfs Up!!!! 

Jackson was spending the night with his buddy Zach. They went bowling and to Golden Corral! He had a great time!!! YAY for the chocolate fountain!!! ha! :) 

H4G: Hope for Gabe
Richard participated in a Fundraiser for a little boy in our area who had a disease and they were raising money for him. He was a trooper and took a shift in the dunk tank! ha! :) Come out and Dunk some of the Chelsea Celebrities: Coach Powers was one of them! ha! :) Of course, Brylee and Jackson were first in line to dunk him! 

Well, that pretty much wraps up the fun through my iphone in July!!!!! Stay tuned for July 4th and Mini Beach Vaca pictures and post!!!!!

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