Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mini Beach Vaca

Grandaddy called me on Monday afternoon and said "hey I am going to the beach to work tomorrow do ya'll want to go with me?" uhh sure...that was a no brainier! We will not pass up a trip to the beach. Daddy and GoGo could not go so it was just me, my dad, and Jackson and Brylee. We left Tuesday and came back Thursday (because Brylee had cheer camp Friday and Saturday). It was a whirl wind trip but at least we got to put our toes in the sand, enjoy the ocean, and eat all kinds of yummy seafood! 

Nothing like waking up to the beach...
We enjoyed breakfast downstairs and then we hit the beach and the pool. 

Brylee is my beach lovin' girl. 
Give her a net and she will look for seashells for hours
She also loves to get her boggy board and ride the wave... 
the ocean was so calm when we were there so there was not many waves. 
Beach fun with these two cuties... 
playing in the sand... 
JP testing our his skills on B's boggy board...
Jackson is not really a beach / ocean person! He is more of a pool guy! He kind of gets that from me! I like to sit on the beach, look at the beach, listen to the ocean, and smell the beach but I don't want to get all sandy... I sit in a chair... I do not like to sit or lay on a towel... because you end up all sandy... and i don't really like the ocean either... i will walk on the edge of the ocean or move my chair and sit where the waves come up a little to get my feet wet but I don't want to go swimming in the ocean and i will not go under the water in the ocean... i don't like the taste of salt water and it burns my eyes too... all that to say... getting Jackson to stay on the beach for any length of time with our running to wash off every grain of sand in the shower or in the pool is huge. But he was a trooper and let his sissy have some beach time... i think might have enjoyed it himself too! 

We would take turns and go back and forth between the beach and the pool! 
 Silly Sister 
 Who gets in the hot tub at the beach in the middle of the day??? 
I guess this guy!!!!

Since we are only there for a few days I had  to make sure I got to eat at all my favorite places. So we went to eat lunch at Sea and Suds and I got to enjoy my shrimp pop boy! :) It was a great time to leave and go eat because a shower came in but it was over after we ate! 
Selfie of us at lunch... 
Then it was back to the beach and pool for the afternoon and the sun was shining and it was blue skies! 

Jackson finally decided he would be ok if he got sandy and decided to dig a hole until it filled up with water! 

Brylee decided she would dig one too! 

Then he decided to get in the hole!  

and then he wanted us to cover him up.... 
I guess he got over his sand phobia... ha! :)

Surfs Up!!!! 

After all our fun at the beach and pool was over it was time for dinner!
Next stop on the eat at all your favorite places was LuLu's for fish tacos... 
We went to put our name on the list and it was 1hr and 45 min wait so we decided to go visit my Nannie. 
She lives about 15 minutes from LuLu's! 
 We got back about 15 minutes before our buzzer went off... perfect!!! 
After dinner the kids did the ropes course... 
They had their list of activities they wanted to do and this was one of them! 

Getting ready to go up... 

Jackson loved it he climbed all over this thing! 

Brylee was a little more careful... she only stayed on the bottom level. But that was a huge improvement from last year because she walked up and walked back down last year! She said she was not going to chicken out this year! She kept saying I'm doing it! Proud of you baby girl!

Next stop was the track to ride go carts!!!!

We stayed out having fun and almost slept through breakfast the next morning. We then got up ate a quick bite and went back out to the beach and pool! 
out looking for shells again... 
My nannie rode over and watched the kids play on the beach and swim in the pool. 
Here and Brylee looked for shells together too! 

Today the waves were a little bigger so JP was out with his boogy board riding the waves! 

Then it was back to the pool!!!

After all the fun at the beach and pool we went to clean up, eat a late lunch at Wenzel's (they have the best fried shrimp), stop by and get some scratch offs (shh don't tell anyone but that might be one of my kids favorite things about the beach), and of course hit up the survivor store for t-shirts and other trinkets!

It was a great little mini vaca at the beach! Brylee was worried she was not going to be able to go to the beach before school started!!! I can't believe we just grabbed some clothes, threw them in a bag, and went to the beach! For those of you that know me well... I actually packed for the beach without a list of planned outfits. I know... big deal!!!! We had a great time and enjoyed our time at the beach together! Thanks Granddaddy for working at the beach so we could play!

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