Saturday, November 2, 2013

Brylee's Birthday Party: Teen Beach Movie Style

Happy 9th Birthday Brylee!!!!
Brylee's Birthday Invite! 
Brylee had her birthday party at the Embassy Suites. We rented a suite with a large party room at the front and 2 bedrooms on the back. We had a great time! The girls enjoyed eating, swimming, making rainbow loom bracelets, and then watching Teen Beach Movie!

The birthday girl waiting for her guest to arrive!

Birthday Girl all dressed and ready to go! This is the first year she picked out her birthday outfit!
She was all about the infinity scarf! :)
The Birthday girl with all her friends!
(Avery, Coleigh, Mattie and Ella)
Eating Dinner: We had CFA chicken nuggets, fruit kabobs, goldfish & sun chips
Present time:

 Opening a present from Mommy and Daddy:
Rainbow Loom Kit!!!
She was so excited!!!

Then it was rainbow loom bracelet making fun time!
Thank goodness for rainbow loom... it made for an easy night!
They loved making bracelets and did this for hours! 
A few pics of decorations: 
The birthday girls requested a beach ball cookie cake! 

Make a Wish!!! 
Open presents from her friends...
Brylee and Coleigh
Ella and B

Mattie and Brylee
Avery and Brylee
Time to go Swimming: 

After we swam we came back up to the room... changed into PJ's and watched the movie and made loom bracelets. After the movie everyone settled in for bed and everyone was asleep by 11:20pm! I must say I was pretty proud of myself!!!! But some how I forgot to take any more pictures of the night! oops! :)
Everyone slept great and woke up around 6:30am! Then we all great dressed and went downstairs for breakfast! After breakfast we all packed up and headed home!!!!
We had a great time! It was a fun birthday party and funny thing is I had a swimming birthday at this same Embassy Suites and had friends spend the night too when I was 9 or 10 years old! :) I had a fun night with all these girls but I was so tired the next day! I came home and crashed for about 3 hours! Shooo parties wear mommy out! :)

Happy Birthday Brylee!!!!!
Surfs Up! 

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