Saturday, November 2, 2013

October iPhone Pictures

The busy month of October... lets see what all we did!!!!

Popcorn and Hat Day at School!!! 
Happy Birthday GoGo!!!!
We went to eat at Five and then to get Sweet Frog yogurt! 
My Little Cheerleader!!! 
Eating at Billy's after a game with cheer friends Mattie and Ella! 

Mt Laurel Festival
I have always had to work the festival but this year I actually got to walk around and enjoy it!
The kids rode some rides and we rode the hay ride and shopped around.
It was a fun day! 
Playing at the Park at GoGo and Grandaddy's neighborhood! 
Swinging with my girl...

Post game huddle... Jackson's only win of the season against Helena! 
Happy Boy with a post game KK doughnut!!!! 
Boosterthon Fun Run!!!!
Proud of my babies for running 35 laps! 

Eating Lunch with my Babies... giving Jackson's teacher duty free lunch! 

This my friends is a picture I have been anxiously awaiting since umm JULY! This would be the last middle school football game!!! That means I get to have my hubby home again! YAY!!!! He will log in some 15 to 18 hours a day during football season! He and his middle school team had a great season but I am glad its over and he can come home at a normal time and not between 8:30 and 10:30 at night! 
Sunday School Halloween Party!!!
Holy Kids Batman!!!!! 

3rd Cheer Party at the Park!!!
Sweet Cheer friends Ella, Mattie, and Brylee! 
3rd grade cheer squad!!!! 
Brylee and one of her sweet coaches Mrs. Claudia! 

Wed night at church they had a program called FX LIVE where they did some fun "double dare" kind of game... Jackson was one of the kids that got picked to do a game! 

I can't believe October is over... well pretty much fall is over! I guess I should say fall activities are over! What a nice welcome break we are about to have without football for everyone!!!! Just in time for the holidays! :)

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