Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 1st through January 7th

Picture a Day: I have decided to do a picture a day in 2014! I did it back in 2012 and I have really enjoyed having those pictures of our everyday life! I did not do it in 2013 and I don't have near the pictures from last year! 

So here is to pictures from Powers Everyday 2014! Follow me on Instagram for daily post shelly_powers or here for our weekly recap! 

January 1st: my bama boys left for the sugar bowl in New Orleans! {more on that later}! 

January 2nd: Brylee and I enjoyed some girl time while the boys were away! We met Katy and her girls for lunch at Panera! 

January 3rd: the boys are back in town... And they came with gifts! Looks like Brylee is ready for Madi Gras! 

January 4th: we celebrated Pap Pap's 60th birthday with a surprise party for him at superior grill!!! 

January 5th: Sunday Snaps: my two cuties on our way to church! 

January 6th: Back to School: Jackson and Brylee started the second semester at a brand new freshly built super nice facility! It was worth the wait for sure! We also started on a 2hr delay due to the record low temps! It was in the teens! 

January 7th: Too Cold Tuesday... We are having record low temps in our neck of the woods... It was literally 12 degrees when we went to school this morning and that was at 10:00am after a 2 delay start! We southern peeps aren't prepared for these cold temperatures! Here we are all bundled up in hats, gloves, scarves, and coats! Stay warm!  

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