Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 23rd through April 29th

Wednesday, April 23rd: My Wednesday Night View!!! Watching JP play a double header! 

Thursday, April 24th: Mom of two Catchers
As Jackson likes to say "Brylee is following in her brothers footsteps!" Tonight was their first girl pitch game and she caught Claire when she pitched! 

Friday, April 25th: Softball Cousins 
We had softball pictures Friday night and I was able to get one of Katie and Brylee!! 

Saturday, April 26th: Baseball 
Jackson played in a tournament in Alex City! It was a beautiful sunny day at the park! 

Sunday, April 27th: Sunday Funday 
It was an ice cream for dinner kind of night!!! We love ice cream for dinner nights in the summer... This gives us summer fever for sure!!! 

Monday, April 28th: Weather Dismissal 
Today we got out of school at 1:00 due to bad weather coming our way!!! Thankfully it did not come our way but the 2hr early dismissal sure was nice!!! #naptime 

Tuesday, April 29th: Spray Paint.... 
Jackson and Brylee decided they would spray paint a stick with orange and pink spray paint but instead of putting it on the grass or newspaper or anything that could be thrown away they put it on the steps leading up to our house and sidewalk... So now we have pink and orange spray paint!!! Lovely!!! I was so mad at them! What were they thinking?!?! So the came home from school and scrubbed the sidewalk and steps with a toothbrush and soap! Of course, it did not come up but maybe they will think about their punishment next time!! Little stinkers!!! 

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