Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 7th through May 13th

Wednesday, May 7th: Teacher Appreciation
My sweet "borrowed" class gave me flowers for teacher appreciation this week! 

Thursday, May 8th: Picture Failure ;( 
I had bunko tonight and intended on taking a picture with my bunko girls but we just sat around and all talked until way too late on a school night and I forgot about the picture! Boo! ;( 

Friday, May 9th: Mom's Night Out 
I enjoyed dinner and went to the premier of the movie Mom's Night Out! It was a funny movie with a great message! I enjoyed a night out with fun friends!!! 

Saturday, May 10th: Rainy Saturday 
Jackson was suppose to play in a tournament in Alabaster! We go all the way there and then after being there for about an hour they end up canceling the tournament! Boo! So we went to lunch instead! Three Cheer for milkshakes!!! 

Sunday, May 11th: happy Mother's Day 
We enjoyed dinner at my parents house on Mother's Day... And taking a picture with these two goons is always a treat... Ha! Bunny ears and all!!! ;) 

Monday, May 12th: Ice Cream Treats
This is what we do while Jackson is "slaving" away at baseball practice! Ha! We drop him off at practice and go get ice cream treats! ;) 

Tuesday, May 13th: brylee's last softball game
Tonight was brylee's last softball game... She had a fun season and really enjoyed playing! She is eagerly waiting to play fall ball! 

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