Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 16th through July 22nd

Wednesday, July 16th: Beach Fun 
Today was our first full day at the Beach! The weather was perfect, the water was beautiful and the kids had a great time playing in the water, jumping waves, playing in the sand, looking for seashells, & riding the skim board! It was a great day at the beach! 

Thursday, July 17th: Beach with my girl 
Today was another beautiful day at the beach! We spent the day hanging out at the beach and then came in to get dressed and head out to dinner! Brylee wanted me to wear my white jeans like she was and a pink shirt too so I did! We enjoyed dinner at Fudpuckers & played arcade games too! 

Friday, July 18th: Daddy made it to the Beach! 
We were all excited to have daddy join us at the beach! He had a 7 on 7 football camp on Friday that he could not miss so he did not get to join us until Friday night! He pretty much drove up and we left for dinner at Baytowne Wharf! However, he apparently brought the rain with him because it started to rain when we got there. Baytowne Wharf is pretty much all outside so that made for a challenging night. The kids were in line to do the trampoline jumpy thing and they closed it do to lightning right before it was their turn and that brought on the tears. Then we went to eat dinner and there was a 45 minute wait and there was not a wait when we got there! It was late and all the kids were hungry and melting down quicky! I also spilt JP's tea all over me too! So as you can see this was not our favorite night! Poor Richard was about to get back in the car and go back home... It was not a fun night! Thankfully that was our only not so fun night!!! Can't complain too much! Just keeping it real! :-) 

Saturday, July 19th: Seaside Saturday 
The weather man and apps showed 100% chance of rain today so we decided to not brave the pool or beach and go to Seaside for the day! It was a great decision! We all enjoyed walking around looking in all the shops, eating lunch at the silver airstream food truck vendors, & getting ice cream too! Seaside is just the best and sweetest little town! If I was a millionaire I would love to live there! I would also love to rent a house and stay there for a week on vacation too! Maybe one day! However, the weathermen were way wrong it was not 100% chance of rain infact it only sprinkled a few times so we headed back after our fun day at Seaside to swim and hangout by the pool! 

Sunday, July 20th: Last Night at the Beach
Tonight was our last night at the beach! It was back to reality on Monday! Boo hoo! It is never fun to leave the beach but we had a wonderful time at the beach and I  am so thankful for the time I got to spend with the kids at the beach and the time we spend together as a family and the memories we made with the Bailey's! It was such a blessing to be able to just get away from life and enjoy time together at the beach! It is by far my favorite week of our summer! 

Monday, July 21st: Go Cart Fun 
No beach trip is ever complete without some friendly go cart competition. Before we headed out of town we went to The Track and let the kids ride go carts and play video games! They have been riding go carts since they could walk! It's a beach must do and memory for sure!!! 

Tuesday, July 22nd: 4th grade teacher card!!! 
Well, it was back to reality today!!!! Brylee came back from the beach with an eye infection so we spent almost 3hrs at the eye dr and pharmacy getting her eye checked out and getting her meds! Thankfully she seems to be ok! 

However, the highlight of the day was school registration and she got to find out who her teacher for 4th grade will be! She is so excited to have gotten Mrs. McFarland who swaps with Mrs. Ramsey who is one of our friends! She is most excited to get both of these lovely ladies!!! It was "just who she always wanted"!!! LOL!!! 

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