Sunday, August 10, 2014

July 30th through August 5th

Wednesday, July 30th: Swimming the summer away!!! 
We enjoyed some fun times swimming at the pool. We actually did not go to the Y as much as I thought we would but we did use it some! It's just more of a "little kid pool" not tons of kids Jackson and Brylee's age but it was still good to use to cool off on hot days! 

Thursday, July 31st: Daddy's Classroom is Done!!! 
My hubby teaching 5th grade and decorating a classroom is not one of his favorite things to do but I love it & I help him {or maybe I should say do it for him } every year! We changed some things this year and spruced up some other things!! It looks good! 

Friday, August 1st: Last Friday of Summer Fun 
Today we did a little bit of shopping and then we went to Tree Top to play games and ride go carts one of the kids summer bucket list items!!! 

Saturday, August 2nd: Shopping Buddies 
Today GoGo, Brylee and I shopped til we dropped! GoGo and I love some shopping we can shop for anything and everything for days and days, hours and hours! I knew when I found out we were having a baby girl GoGo and I would have a shopping buddy for life! And that she is!!!! She has been shopping since she was a new born baby... She went shopping the day after thanksgiving when she was a month old! She has always been the best little shopping buddy! She would ride in her stroller for hours and hours just shopping and looking! Now she did & does her fair share of wanting and we do our fair share of buying for her too... Always wanting something! Ha! Thankful for the best little shopping buddy GoGo and I could ever ask for! Now if we can just get her to like to try in clothes and not act like a crazy girl in the dressing room... Life would be grand! ;) 

Sunday, August 3rd: Big Big Girl Room 
Brylee decided she wanted to change her "Big Girl Room" into a Big Big Girl Room. Her room is pretty much the same as it was when we made it her big girl room when she went to a twin bed {finally at the age of 3 1/2... Silly girl loved her crib she never wanted out and finally she was just too big for it... There was just no more room for her... It was time for her to go} & other parts are even the same from her nursery! I think we have gotten our 10 years worth of use out of it! When we were out shopping Saturday I found this super cute bedding set for a great price... She loved it so we got it and will keep adding to it and make her a "tween bedroom"! 

Monday, August 4th: last day swimming of the summer 
Today was our last day swimming for the summer. We enjoyed lots of fun swimming days with the Pyron's at Mrs Maggie's Pool! 

Tuesday, August 5th: Meet the Teacher 
Tonight we had meet the teacher at Brylee's school! I can't believe she is in 4th grade... Just seems like yesterday we were having meet the teacher for kindergarten! She got "just who she wanted"! ;) Her homeroom teacher is this sweet lady Mrs McFarland & her other teacher is Mrs Ramsey! She is super excited about having both of them! I think she is going to have a great year! ;)

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