Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 12: March 23rd through March 29th

Monday, March 23rd: Spring Weather Lovin': I don't know about you and your family but we loved the spring (almost summer) weather we had today! Jackson had football practice, then baseball batting practice, and then wanted to ride his bike! Where does he get the energy?!?! 

Tuesday, March 24th: Smokin' Softball: Brylee had a game in Alabaster tonight and her team smoked them! They beat them 30 to 0!!! Sissy also hit a triple!!! So proud of her!!! 

Wednesday, March 25th: Shorts weather & a surprise visitor. 
Sister declared today that she was wearing shorts to school today because everyone was wearing them!!!! Ha! ;) She also talked me into buying her this ginormous ball today at Wally World!!! 

Then while we were eating at church in walked a super fun surprise! Kamilla (who was our friends Ray and Mandy's exchange student who lived with them for a year about 6 years ago). Brylee absolutely loved her when she lived here! Well, Kamilla came for a visit and I knew she was here but I had not told Brylee yet! Her response was not what I thought it would be bc I think she was inshock at first but she warmed up for sure and enjoyed seeing Kamilla and wants to make sure she will see her a lot more times before she leaves! ;) 

Thursday, March 26th: happy Haircut Day! 
Sister got a much needed haircut today! She had not gotten her haircut since school started in August because she was letting it grow out but it was time for a haircut! She got 3 inches cut off!!! She said "it's so short"! LOL!!! She also had a softball game that night but it was called after 1 1/2 innings due to lightning! 

Funny Brylee Moment: She told Lindsay (her hair stylist) I have been looking forward to this haircut all day! Lindsey told her "that's when you know you are getting old"! LOL!!! 

Friday, March 27th: JP's Debut on the Mound!!! Jackson pitched tonight for the first time in a game and even picked up a win! We are so proud of you buddy!!! 

**** Can I also say that TODAY STARTS OUR SPRING BREAK!!!! Whoop whoop!!!!! **** 

Saturday, March 29th: Spring Cleaning!!! We did some spring cleaning to our yard today! RP and JP cut the grass and trimmed some bushes! We also cleaned out the garage and Brylee planted some flowers with her Granny!!! We are spring ready!!! 

Sunday, March 30th: Our Families First Camping Trip!!!! 
Spring Break 2015: Camping at Oak Mtn! 
*** stay tuned for a whole blog post on our camping trip!!! *** 

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