Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 22: June 1st through June 7th

Monday, June 1st: When Jackson was little he has a green John Deere tractor and a trailer that he called his "monmower" and his "crailer"! He loved that thing and rode it all the time! When Jackson and Brylee were little she would get in the back of his "crailer" and he would pull her all around our yard! Well, 10 years later I look outside at the lake today and he is still pulling her!! 

Tuesday, June 2nd: swimming & baseball 
Today we went swimming with Katy and her girls!!! The kids had fun playing on this slide. 
Jackson has all star baseball pics from Cari Dean tonight! Her pictures are always my favorite!! 

Wednesday, June 3rd: Celebrating with yummy dessert!!! Today Katy and I went to lunch at Olexas! It is a yummy little lunch spot that is really know for its cakes & has some of the best desserts! Little did we know when we planned this that we would be celebrating something too! I was offered a teaching position last Friday and it was officially approved Tuesday evening at the board meeting so I got an email on the way from my principal that I was officially a new 4th grade teacher! I am so excited to be going back to the classroom!!! It is an answer to many many prayers!!! 

Thursday, June 4th: Nap-Thirty 
The kids and I were watching a movie this afternoon! I knew that I was going to fall asleep during the movie! Well when I woke up Jackson and Brylee were both asleep too! That doesn't happen very often!!! One of the reasons I love summer! Spontaneous Naps!!! 

Friday, June 5th: national donut day & baseball 
Today was one of Jackson's favorite days! National Donut Day!!! He could eat a million KK donuts! They are his fav for sure! 
Then we kicked off our all star season with an invitational tournament in Calera tonight! 

Saturday, June 6th: supporting graham and his Chelsea 7u all star team. 
After Jackson was done with baseball on Saturday we decided to ride up to see my cousin play ball in Pell City! Jackson sitting in Brooke's itty bitty chair watching Graham bat! Ha! 

Sunday, June 7th: BMX track at Oak Mtn
Richard parents were camping at Oak Mtn this weekend in their camper! Brylee spent a few nights with them and then Jackson spent a night with them! We met them over there the next day and brought their bikes so they could ride the BMX track! It is HOT but fun! 

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