Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Week 24: June 15th through June 21st

Monday, June 15th: My Lawn Boy... Is cuter than your lawn boy!!! I am sure RP is glad he has a lawn helper now!!! 

Tuesday, June 16th: G-Daddy's {and GoGo} New Boat!!! So you know what's better than buying a boat??? G-Daddy (and GoGo) buying a boat!!! 

Last weekend GoGo made the comment that she would like to have a pontoon boat! Well that was music to Grandaddy's ears! As a matter of fact, he said I can make that happen! We just so happen to be in Pell City and decided to "ride by" the marina just to "see what they had" and low and behold "we" picked out a boat and they boat it the next week! 

Then the fun began! We had to "break the boat in" and put 10 hours on it before he had it transported to Lake Martin to the marina where it would "live"! 

So that is exactly what we did road around Logan Martin lake in Pell City for two days putting hours on the boat! I don't think you heard any complaints from these two or their parents! Fun times ahead on the boat!!! 

Wednesday, June 17th: The OMC at LBC! 
Tonight our church had a fun night and played a game called Organized Mass Chaos where the kids could get wet and play in shaving cream (as you can see) and do all kind of fun stuff! The kids had a great time! 

Thursday, June 18th: First Area Game 
Tonight was Jackson first area game for his all star season! Unfortunately we did not have the best all star team and we did not win a single tournament game! Win or Loose I love watching him play ball! However, I was not sad the season ended... It's no fun to play and never win! 

Friday, June 19th: Love my Baseball Player 
Tonight was his last game!!! At least we looked cute right! 

Saturday, June 20th: lake day fun day! 
We enjoyed our first day on Lake Martin in the boat! We rode all over that lake and the kids had a great time tubing & swimming! We had a fun day with friends and family!!! 

Sunday, June 21st: Happy Father's Day
We had another great day on the lake! Riding around and seeing the lake and swimming on the sandy beaches! Then After GoGo and Grandaddy left to go home we kept the boat for another day and stayed at the lake for some more fun in the sun! This handsome daddy took us out on a sunset cruise! 

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