Friday, January 9, 2009

BBTN Kids and Crew

Tonight we had a BBTN (Blessed Be the Name and the children's clothing company where I work part time) Dinner and Meeting. It is also nice to hang out with the girls outside of work and gives the hubbys a chance to hang out and the kiddies opportunity to play as well. Fun for sure but I think we will all agree that 8 kids makes for a W-I-L-D party. We attempted a kid shot and a crew and kids photo shot too... obviously not much luck but we take what we get and of course we think they are just precious any way! The funny thing to me about this photo is that out of all 8 kids (only 7 pictures... baby camryn got out of this one while taking her a little nap nap) only 2 of them have on BBTN clothes. You would think that we didn't own any BBTN clothes and between the 8 kids we could probably clothe a small army in BBTN clothes. I guess you could chalk this up too.... when you have looked at the fabric and clothes since JULY (really before) you welcome a change in your kids wardrobe for sure! BBTN Crew and Kids L-R: kimberly w/ carsyn 2 1/2, baby camryn 3mths
amelia w/ almost jackson 3, kate 4
ashley w/ mia 3, logan almost 6
shelly w/ brylee 4, jackson 5 1/2
8 kids 5 and under .... nuff said.... WOW!
carsyn, mia, jackson, kate, brylee, jackson, logan top: cameryn,
bottom: mia, kate, brylee, logan, jackson
jackson & carsyn bailed on the last shot

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