Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Obsession!!!

One of my obsessions in life is children clothes. I love everything to do with children's clothes. I guess I should clarify... not just any children's clothing but trunk show and boutique children clothing. I get so excited when new sessions start and the mail box is flooded with new catalogs and websites are updated. I will spend hours looking at children's clothes. I think a dream job would be to be a personal shopper for children clothing. So I share some of my favorite items from some of my favorite trunk show companies.
1. Kelly's Kids: I like this company not necessarily my "favorites" but this season they have some super cute stuff. I usually like to travel the southeast and "shop" their End of Season $9.99 Sales but this past season was not a success so therefore I think I will be ordering some items this season.
2. Castles and Crowns: This is probably my all time favorite "smocked company" I think they have some of the cutest smocked outfits for the most reasonable prices. I will say I am a little disappointed in them this season they do not have a lot of "new" stuff it seems they have a lot of "repeat" designs but I still have some favorites. I love the mail catalog but I don't like that they just put the catalog on the website because it is hard to see the pictures. So for my favs....
love that brown is now a summer color... outfit on the far left love the outfit on the girl to the far right... perfect for the beach... how cute is the dress top left and the bathing suits too love the new Kaylie tops so cute! pink and green for sure... cherry set top right so cute love these bathing suits... smocked one piece... brown & turq. so cute
3. Chez Ami: A trunk show that I actually just ordered something from for the first time last season and was very pleased. They have the fastest shipping of any company I have ever ordered from. I got my outfits about a week after I place my order. I am not sure if this is how it always is but it was super fast for me. They are a little pricey for "knit" items but I will say they hold up better than other companies. So for my favorites from here.... well they don't have their website for spring up yet so no pictures of my favorites. Maybe later! I will say I can't wait to check out their two piece bathing suits that look like one pieces... called swim dresses so cute!
4. Blessed Be the Name: How could I not pick out a few favorites from the company I work for... some for my favs from BBTN are... loving "our" new patterns... stella capri set, greer dress, skort so cute too... and the new fabrics and appliques too. A welcome change!
What are your favorite boutique / trunk show companies?? Please do comment and share... I can always use some more cute children clothes and maybe I have shared a few with you too.


  1. ME TOO! I LOVE looking at all the new stuff. I have already dog eared all of the stuff I want in the catalogs, but Joseph told me I needed to narrow down my choices, but I will just have to work my way around that :)

  2. So cute!! I really love Kelly's Kids but I am shopping for a boy so it's harder to find cute stuff that is not too girly. I love all the appliqued and monogramed stuff, even for a boy! The pieces you have picked are very cute! Brylee is too cute and I know she loves dressing girly!