Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Parenting: The Eary Years

Tonight at church husband and I started a couples Bible Study using this book:

I am very excited about this study for several reasons. This is the first couples Bible Study that we have done together (other than Sunday School - but that is more like a scripted curiculum not really a specific topic relating to our everyday life.) And I (we) am (are) ALWAYS looking for new parenting techniques. Tonight was just an overview / introduction of the class.
We talked about building a strong relationship as a couple; setting aside time to spend together as a couple. One thing they (Les and Leslie - the authors) said that surprised me was "the most important time of the day as a couple is the first 60 seconds you see each other in the evening." That sets the stage for the whole evening. As I think back to our house when husband comes home my attitude is more like thank goodness someone else is home to help the kids, cook dinner, or keep the kids while I go some where etc... and my attitude should be more concerning, compassionate, and interested in his day. So I will commit to try harder.
During the study we are going to discuss 10 character traits for parenting:
1. affirming
2. authentic
3. patient
4. connected
5. celebratory
6. attentive
7. visionary
8. comforting
9. prayerful
10. insightful
So continue to check back each Wednesday evening as my blog topic for the next 10 weeks will be about parenting. Maybe you can learn a few things too from my study and hopefully I can refer back to these post when I forget and revert back to old ways.
We are also reading this book which goes along with the study. I will let you know how it goes!!!

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  1. I agree. When Joseph gets home, I am saying the same thing. When he does come home it is usually mass chaos and continues to be until bedtime. I too need to try harder in that area. Sounds like a good study. Can't wait to hear some "tips"