Sunday, January 4, 2009

Extreme Home Makeover

We have been busy with Extreme Home Makeover "Bedroom Edition"!
One of our Christmas presents was a new comforter set and pictures. So
with my mom's decorating expertise and husband to do all the "man work"
we have a NEW BEDROOM! Husband said he felt like he was sleeping in a
fancy hotel the first night. LOL! No fancy hotel but it sure is nice
to a have a new bedroom. A welcomed change in our household.

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  1. hey! ok..let's see if i can explain how to do it. i actually save my actual scrapboog page to my desktop. if you look at the top left corner (i think under "file") it says "export to jpeg". then you can save it. when you look at your blog layout, you can just upload the picture! make sense? let me know if not...