Saturday, February 14, 2009

Top 10 things I LOVE!

In honor of Valentines I thought I would do a post of the Top 10 things I LOVE! (in no particular order)

1. My Hubby: I love how you "get me" and all the memories and fun times we have shared.
2. My Brylee: I love your spunky, priss pot, little "mama" self that you are!
3. My Jackson: I love your 100% all boy and full of life personality!

4. My Parents: WOW! What can I say... I love the example you set for me, the support you offer, and the love you share!

5. My Family: From immediate family to friend that feel like family... I love and cherish each of you so much!

6. My Friends: From high school, to college, adult life and everything in between... life would be so boring without friend like each of you. (Some of these kids pictures represent their families)

7. Mexican Food: oh how i love the cheese dip... i could go swimming in it... and a margarita makes it taste even better :)
8. Chocolate (especially with peanut butter): What would life be without chocolate... for me chocolate fixes many bad days!

9. The Beach: I love to go relax with the hubby, spend time with family and friends, and play with the kiddies too. Come on summer!

10. The Lake: If i can't be a the beach... then the lake will do... i love to ride on the boats and see dos, watch the kiddies enjoy the small things in life on the water, spend good times with friends and family too.

Well there you have it... all the things i LOVE!
Happy Valentines Day to you and yours... may you feel the love of family, friends, good times, or even comfort food on the day of LOVE!

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