Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Palooza!!!!

I am obsessed with this blog (no i don't know her... but i wish i did) anyway she is the crafty, jack of all trades kind of person and i love all her ideas... anyway way back in Jan. she made marshmellow suckers dipped in chocolate with sprinckles on them and so i made a mental note and we made them for valentines days for the kiddies to give to their friends at school... they turned out so cute and were so much fun!
This was suppose to be our valentine card but after taking the pictures i could not find a photo card that would hold four pictures... so here it is... Sending you all our LOVE!
We had a low key Valentine's Day at our house. We put the tired kiddies to bed early and we enjoyed dinner at home. Sweet hubby made homeade lasagna for dinner and bananna pudding for dessert (with a heart made from vanilla wafers... ahhh) . We ate and watched a movie in our PJ's! It was yummy! Yes, you know what that means... more time on the treadmill tomorrow... actually I think it will be sprinting a mile and Turbo Kick and Abs with my slave driving "trainer" KW... but it was well worth it... at least I say that now... I am not sure I will agree tomorrow night say around 8:00 when i am offically "dying". XOXO
Here's to hoping you all had a wonderful Valentines Day!

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