Sunday, March 8, 2009

All in One... One Size Fits All... Combo

This is an all in one... one size fits all... combo post. There were several times this week I was going to post and never seemed to get it done. So here you have it the fun in our week all in one!
The Princess and the T-Ball
Once upon a time there was a princess who had her first t-ball practice and lets just say she sure thinks she is a princess straight from a castle. She went all decked out in pink... pink shirt, pink belt, pink socks, and pink bow... to go along with the pink cleats, pink bag, pink helmet, pink bat, and last but certainly not least pink glove. Who knew they made so much pink? Needless to say it was interesting she only wanted to be FIRST... run first, bat first, throw first etc... she was TOOOO cold and needed several snack and water breaks. When we ask her if she liked it she said "I just want to sit in granddaddy's lap and eat a hot dog and watch Jackson play"! Well I guess she told us... so there you have it... t-ball practice in the eyes of a 4 year old girl and a picture to prove it!
You've got mail... or " I just got a letter"
This week I got two surprises in the mail!!! Refer to an earlier post about my children's clothing obsession... well those obsessions are starting to arrive in the mail... YIPPEE! And thankfully they are arriving with warm weather as well.
********************************************************************************* Our next BMX racer???
And now onto the weekend... is anyone else L-U-V-I-N... this spring weather??? It can not come at a better time... good by cabin fever... hello outside. We enjoyed the weather and riding bikes as well. Jackson learned to ride his bike without training wheels back in the fall but did not get much practice before mr. winter came so he never really got the confidence he needed. Friday when he got home from school we went to the back circle and practiced again... he rode some on Sat. and today he was racing brylee around the track... it is now his new favorite thing to.
Drinking in Style...
Sharing a new happy (nonnie gave us) that i don't think i am the last to know about.... i have seen these cups before with fabric in them with monograms and such but they never seem to work right (get wet, wrinkle, mildew etc) but we just got these laminated inserts from this company and they are fabulous!!! They have tons of designs for every holiday, boy, girl etc... don't think i won't be getting the mickey ones for disney... so cute. Just thought i would share my new treat. Enjoy!
********************************************************************************* May I take your order???
While at the park today... the kids were using there imagination and were playing restaurant... this was the drive Thur and they were ordering food.. it was so cute. They have finally gotten to the age were they can play at the park and i don't hear... push me, catch me, help me... etc... it was a great day at the park especially since i was flying solo. A few more pictures for your enjoyment.


  1. Where did those cups come from? I have some but them are precious.

  2. Hi Shelly!
    Thanks for the "plug"! Contact me ... I've got somethin' for 'ya :)