Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Big Park Fun!

Today we headed to the BIG park in Leeds that we saw on the way home from Atlanta with a packed picnic basket, a beautiful day, and lots of fun had by all... a lesson learned too. We started with a picnic by the creek and the kids just HAD to walk to the creek and after being told numerous times not to get to close.... guess what happened.....

this picture pretty much sums it up... JP "accidentally" fell into the creek... when will he learn that mommy and daddy really do know what they are talking about... rocks ARE slippery! Thank goodness for baseball clothes in the car.

So we head to the park... now this my friends is a park (should I send the man a picture at Mt. C... so he knows what a PARK is???)

We enjoyed the park and highly recommend it to all our friends... we also had a surprise play buddy... our buddy J and his family were there too.

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