Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Spring Break FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

So on our way home from Atlanta husband was just not ready to come home yet so he was trying really hard to find us one more thing to do. We drove to Underground to see what we could do down there but lets just say we were a minority and decided not to stay. So husband grew up in a "camping family" and wanted to take the kids to Mt. Cheaha on the way home. He calls and they tell him they have a several playgrounds and hiking trails. So we go.... enjoy the pictures and a great laugh too just as we did.

OK so here is a picture of the playground... you can't really see so let me explain. A slide and swing pole with no swings... and this was the playground. So we enjoyed the 1970's slide.

Hold on it gets better... there is a tower husband wants us to walk up.... so we do. J- says "it smells like horses in here"... B doesn't want to walk up the steps and is more scared coming down and declares that it stinks too. Poor Daddy he is just trying.

We also see this... and let me just say before I knew husband I did not know people truly CAMPED in tents... but oh they do and her is a picture to prove it. I almost had a heart attack... poor people this was their spring break fun. Better them than me.
So we are off to find the trails... we don't get far before B declares she is not walking all the way down to the bottom and back... she wants to go back so we do... and we get back in the car and head home... home sweet home. Thanks honey... you tried!


  1. How sad...I grew up going to Cheaha...never camped in a tent but always enjoyed the slide and tower!! Did ya'll not "hike" to Bald Rock? They now have a wheelchair accessible trail so "B" would have had an easy walk!?!?! I LOVE Cheaha!! :-)
    Maybe you just needed a good tour guide!
    Love ya!