Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blog 16

My new favorite shoes and "new toes" too!!!!

I got these shoes for my birthday and they are so comfortable... i love them. I actually stopped a girl who had some shoes on that i liked and she told me how much she loved them and that they were by the brand Sanuk. I lucked up on them at Rodgers and tried them on and loved them. I wanted some that did not have a big heel b/c i have several of those types already. But these were the ones "the girl" had one and i like them too I also treated myself to a pedicure today! I LOVE a pedicure... I could just sit there for days and days in those chairs and having them massage my feet and legs... AHHH! I also got my favorite color today too OPI Strawberry Margarita. I declared it was close enough to summer for "hot pink". I guess the only thing that would have made my pedicure better would be actually drinking a Strawberry Margarita while getting my toes done. Too bad they don't serve adult beverages at the nail place... I guess they know I would never leave then. :)

So what is your favorite shoe and nailpolish color?


  1. LOVE those shoes! I might just have to be a copycat ;) Glad you are having a great birthday week - happy belated birthday!

  2. I LOVE getting pedicures and my favorite is OPI's Cajun Shrimp :)