Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 15

Well today was not just tax day in our household it was also the day i turned the BIG 3-1. I guess you could say I am "OK" with that... as my dad would say beats the alternative and he is right. We celebrated with birthday dinner at Kobe and my favroite part was watching the kids faces as they cooked. Brylee had never been before so her facial expressions were priceless... most of these were taken when they were making the fire. Jackson has been before and so he came in asking about the fire... that was his favorite part by far. We then went back to my parents house for cake, icecream, and presents.
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Me and My Babies

In closing a "funny story" about my birth day. My dad had a friend that wanted him to name me Irene Rena' Stonicher so that my initals would be IRS... in honor of tax day. Thank goodness they did not take his advice... I just don't think I am an Irene! :)