Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 14

"Paw Paw Powers"
This is how Jackson falls asleep every night... in his Pottery Barn Chair that his Nonnie and Poppie gave him for his 3rd birthday!
We laugh that he is like a Paw Paw falling asleep in his chair. Then we move him to his bed (only because he can't be comfortable there all night long) much like a "granny" would do for a "paw paw".
He leans all the way back in his chair kicked back watching TV (i know terrible but he has watched TV to go to sleep since he was 18 mths old... i know even worse) and then off to sleep he goes.
Sweet baby I can't believe that he is going to be 6 years old in a few weeks and almost in first grade! Gezz! What happen to my baby boy! :)

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