Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 10

OK so technically I might be "cheating" at my own contest but i think i have a good reason and could not go without posting this funny story about these two precious "babies"! This picture was actually taken at Brylee's birthday party in October... so that's why I am "cheating" b/c it is not current... but then again I might not be "cheating" b/c the story that goes along with it is current... well yesterday! A little background first: This is Brylee's "boyfriend" or maybe I should say obsession Harper T. They are in school together and they go to church together and they are too cute together. Brylee is Harper T's second mommy... as if his first one doesn't do a wonderful job! :) Last week they went 2 days without seeing each other and when they saw each other they kissed on the cheek at church... Jackson was mortified... they on the other hand love it! Brylee talks about her and Harper getting married daily. (Christie and I are OK with that at least they would have good in laws :)) Anyway not at all part of the story... so here is the conversation from yesterday between brylee and i on the way to school. B: "Mommy when are Harper and I going to go on our honeymoon? M: "What?" (and she repeats... I wanted to make sure i heard it right.) Well you have to get married first and then you go on a honeymoon." B: "Oh, well do you and daddy get to go with us?" (she has a lot to learn about a honeymoon right?) M: "No, mommy and daddy don't get to go" B: "Well, do Mr. Ken and Mrs. Christie get to go" (still more learning to do...) M: "No they don't get to go either. A honeymoon is just for the bride and groom, the two people that are getting married" B: "Oh... (pause) well do we really have to go to the moon?" M: (dying laughing, tearing running down my face, and trying not to wreck the car) "No baby you don't go to the moon... it is like a vacation... you know like when we go to the beach... you would go on a trip." B: "Oh good because I did not want to go to the moon" I hope it is as funny written out as it was when she said it but it was too funny! Oh the innocence of a 4 year old! :) Happy Good Friday! May you and your family be blessed on this Easter Weekend and truly remember what Easter is about... not eggs, candy, bunnies, and baskets... but that our Savior Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again all for our sins. May you remember and reflect on that this weekend. Blessings!

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