Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 12... Hoppy Easter!

We had a busy day starting this morning with seeing what the Easter bunny brought, getting ready for church, running out of gas on the way to church (lovely), keeping the babies during the first service of church, going to church, eating at Richard's aunt and uncles house and having a massive easter egg hunt with about 20 great grandkids, eating dinner at my parents house, more egg hunting and easter surprises to be opened.... shooh... i am tired from just writing this.
But on a different note... what an awesome day to reflect on the reserection of our Lord and Savior... and as we sang today in church He's Alive, He's Alive, My Savior is Alive... one of my favorite "Easter" songs! And in the words of my precious almost 6 year old "God your son is so powerful"... which is what he said in his blessing tonight... you are so right buddy! :)
Here's to hoping you are yours had a wonderful Easter Sunday!

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