Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 3

sissy girl got her hair CHHHOOOPPPED today... i love it... i think it looks so cute! She had her hair cut like this when she was 3 and I was looking at pictures last night and forgot how cute it was when it was short... so i called today, got her an apt, and took her after school. I am so glad i did... i love it and she does too! we also had a special afternoon together... she has gone two whole weeks at school without pulling a card... aka getting in trouble... so we "celebrated / rewarded" her sucucess today... she got her nails and toes painted, picked out a prize (more art stuff of course), and got to rent the new dora movie. we also bought easter eggs to dye and confetti cupcakes to make too which we will do sometime this weekend. fun times ahead! :)

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