Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 4

Brylee finally got to play her first tball game. She was too funny to watch. She did not like her hat so she opted not to wear that "it will mess up my bow". She hit the ball and ran all 3 times and played the field as well as expected too. She got the ball twice i think and threw it in. She did her fair share of playing in the dirt too. T-ball is alway very interesting. Son In Law celebrated his 4th birthday today with a Spiderman Party at Jumpin Jax. According to Brylee her and Harper are now "twins" b/c they are both four. Happy Birthday Harper T!
Brother also had a ball game. I absolutely LOVE watching him play. I get so into it cheering for all the kids. It is fun to actually watch them play when they get people out and have "close" plays getting people out or being safe. Jackson had a big play at the plate tonight running home and slid under the tag and was SAFE! Fun times at the ball park.

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