Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 6

What is wrong with this picture??????
if you guessed.... a. it is chili weather outside b. it should NOT be cold enough in Apirl to eat chili or c. this my friends it was we are having for dinner tonight before i head to the ball park to freeze my "little tail" off watching brother bear play ball. This my friends feels like football weather NOT baseball weather and certainly not SPRING. Dear Mr. Winter, It is time for you to go away. We have seen enough of you for a long while. It is time for you to go enbark on a nice lllooonnggg nap. Sleep tight! Dear Miss Spring, We enjoyed seeing you for a few weeks. Where did you go? We want you to come back real soon. Please and tell your friend Mr. Summer he needs to start waking up soon too. We can't wait to see him either. See you soon Miss Spring!

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  1. Shelly,
    I totally am a blog stalker/lurker, but this cracked me up and I had to comment! I love open letters to anyone and would like to add my signature to these!!!

    Heather Smith-Sawyer