Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 7

This my friends is a every day occurrence at our house and one that is always welcomed with a smile, hug, kiss and "how was your day". Every afternoon brylee and i come home watch a little TV and wait for Big Brother to come home on the bus. I love watching his cute little self run down the street to tell me all about his day. I am a BIG fan of the bus (there was a time in my life that i was not... but that is another post) and I am NOT a fan of the car rider line... especially these folks that HAVE to be the first ones and camp out in the car rider line starting at 1:30... really folk do you NOT have a life??? My little guy LOVES the bus he has a blast on the bus, and no one has beat him up for his "milk money"yet. He makes it home safe and sound everyday. To all my mommy friends who are registering their "babies" for kindergarten today or tomorrow or in the future... put your kids on the bus they will be just fine!!!!! On a more sensitive note.... i want you all to know that i was in your same position this time last year... registering my "baby boy" for kindergarten... i was going to send him to a place i knew nothing about and put them in charge of one of my most prized possessions... sure it was hard. And on top of all that my baby boy DID NOT want his mommy to take him to school the first day of school he wanted to ride the bus... i was crushed... I wanted to be there to see that he made it to his room, backpack in hand, snack packed, snapping pictures all along the way but what he wanted was different and so what do you do... but let him go. It was then I realized my baby boy was NOT a baby anymore and he really was a BIG BOY! So i don't want you all to think I was not equally as worried or sad or "not ready" for my little one going to school and riding the bus for that matter because i was... i remember that morning all too well. And as someone told me that very day... if he (being jackson) did not run into school (or on the bus in my case) wave good bye holding his head up high... then i had not done my job as a mom... and so i patted myself on the back, wiped away the tears and told myself... job well done! And you will do the same when you time comes.


  1. are you talking about me????hahahaha....just kidding. we went to register today and we made the decision she will ride the bus. it might kill me and i might cry everyday but she wants to do it so i will let her go...

  2. I register Sam tomorrow. I feel the tears coming already! It's hard enough to send him off to kindergarten...I just don't think I'm ready for the bus yet!

  3. I totally agree with you about the car line! I teach first grade and have often said "Do these people have a life?" I only wish I had enough time to sit in a car line for a hour in the afternoon.