Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 8

Easter in a Bag.... UGH!!! Ok i am warning you I am about to be a "whiny hiney" for a bit so I apologize in advance if you were looking for something great wonderful and encouraging b/c this is not your post. JP's teacher sent home a note telling us that the class would not be having an "easter party" but we would be doing Party in a Bag. For those of you that don't know what Party in A Bag is (b/c i did not) let me explain... the parents make a bag for their child including their favorite sweet snack, their favorite salty snack, a drink, a small toy (less than $5.00) and a book.You are to put it in a bag seal it up drop it off at the school and it is all a surprise! Sounds easy right??? Well think again! I have spent 2 days trying to do this bag. And I can't to drop it off and be done with "my project"... i thought i was done with school. HA! First the brownie deli ma, JP's favroite sweet is brownies... yes i could have made a whole pan of brownies and sent him one square but i live at the ball park and they don't have ovens there and i did not want to eat the rest of the brownies and look like the good year blimp for easter... so i go to buy one... easy right? WRONG!! I went to 4 place before i found something that would work... started at Wal Mart checked their bakery... no brownies, then Edgers a bakery has brownies right? WRONG well they do but they have cream cheese in them... they don't have plain brownies, then I went to McAllisters I knew they had them b/c i have had them before... go at lunch time wait in line... they are out of them today... UGH!!!! So then i go to Publix surely "Customer Service Central" has a brownie well they do but it was nut in them can't do that... so i am determained to find something at this place that would work... so i settle for a box of the 2 bit brownies and get the bakery to give me a small box so i can put them in there and not send 25 brownies so my child can be on a sugar high for the next 2 weeks. So know i have 1/2 a box left which is what i was trying to avoid in the first place... should have made brownies i guess?? Next on to the salty snack... BBQ chips... I had to go to 3 place for those. REALLY? Started at Wal-Mart they used to have all those snack size chips by the front well not any more all they have is the BIG bags sure i could have bought a big bag and put some in a zip lock but I just wanted a small bag... i really did not think that was too much to ask. Then i looked at Publix (while i was on the brownie search) but they too only have BIG bags... so I end up going to the gas station and get the snack size there. The toy was kind of hard b/c what kind of toy is not junk but cost less that $5.00 and appropriate to send to school, fit in a bag, and could be played with at that time. (side note i have the child that is into super hero's, cars, figures etc... he likes sports, movies, being outside, wii, and his DS). Well i finally found a hand held electronic game that i got him. I think i have the toy snob kid everything he wants is at least $20.00. I know that is not necessarily her (being the teacher) fault. :) No problems with the book or drink those were easy. The bag is a little girly i will agree but all the easter bags were... pink is a pretty popular easter color. So let me know what you think??? It is just me do i make things harder than they really should be or would you have a hard time doing this too???? For the record: I LOVE his teacher and have no complaints with her just want to complain about "my project". Thanks for listening... because I feel better! :)

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