Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brylee's End of the Year Party

Today brylee had her end of the year party. It was an icecream party catered by Brusters. The kids really enjoyed it. They sang some of their favorite songs and the teachers gave the parents a scrapbook of the whole year that was so sweet and a DVD of pictures too. It was really sweet; something i will keep for a long time. Brylee has had such a great year. All three of her teachers have been great and she has learned so much. It really makes me sad they want have ECLIPES next year she is really going to miss her friends and most of all Harper T... but hopefully they will be back together in kindergarten. I can't believe my baby girl with be in K4 next year!

L to R: Singing the Tooty Ta, Ice cream party, my two favroite people... it hurts my heart that they will not be together next year; they are truly the best of friends... i hope they always have this special bond, brylee and ms. laura; such a sweetheart and loved my baby girl so much! What an AWESOME year we had!

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