Monday, May 18, 2009

Packing 101

As long as it has taken me to pack to go to Disney I think I could teach a Packing 101 class. It is a good thing I started in March pre-packing for our trip or we might not be ready. I have decided that due to this picture...and this picture... and even this little one (which i am not sure why it is this little) I turned into an OCD about packing clothes that match or at least coordinate. I am still "bothered" by these pictures... i think it was after this trip and seeing how terrible the colors and these clothes together look in the pictures I have to have them at least coordinate with colors that don't clash! So here is what packing 101 looks like....

My dining room table became a clothing table as of Friday... with all the clothes laid out in piles according to day and event/park.

Then I used an idea i heard off *Jon and Kate Plus Eight*... I put both outfits for each day in a zip lock bag and then labeled the bag according to which day they are wearing it... i am actually impressed that about 20 outfits per child, 15 pairs of undees for each child, 2 pairs of PJs per child, 12 pairs of socks, 3 bathing suits per child and about 10 pairs of shoes all fit in this suitcase... the other good thing about the bags is you can fit a lot more clothes in a suit case. Everything the kids need fit in our "smallest" suitcase!

And for fun our traveling bow holder... i really can't believe that we really need this many bows but we do and we are actually wearing some of them more that once... brylee is already "all girl" she is "taking" about as many shoes as she is bows... seriously! So now you know how to pack!!!

Check off the items on your excel spreadsheet as you pack! LOL!


  1. you are cracking me up!!! I used to be that organized,,sigh.... have a blast on your trip!! angela

  2. you are funny and remind me so much of myself!! i just do not have the girl and believe that GOD thinks that i do not need that girl because my lovely husband would probaly kill me!! i am glad to know someone else loves childrens clothes and matching as much as i do:)!!

  3. You crack me up! I hope you guys have a great time. We are going in November and I already can't wait :)

  4. Are you for hire? :) Hope you have a great time! Oh, and I always use a spreadsheet for every trip, every party, etc. :)

  5. Hey! I wanted to tell you to pack your rain gear for disney. If you are bringing a stroller, maybe bring a rain cover for it too. We got here on Sunday and it has rained almost the entire time we have been here =( We have spent about $60 or more buying ponchos. We went to the outlets today and bought us all rain jackets. It is still fun anyway! WET but fun! See you Friday!!!