Sunday, May 10, 2009

I survived.....

a world win of a weekend! It all started out with this bright and early Sat. morning
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Then we had a tball game... which by the way is like
watching paint dry (our poor team) and something
my little one absouletly HATES but is finishing
the good fight. She doesn't mind batting,
not a fan of running, and her favorite part
is time with son in law and the snacks
at the end. I think I can say we have marked
this off our list of things to be exposed too.
Only one more baby girl... you can do it!

Then home to regroup, quick house clean, last minute birthday and mother's day planning. Then off to Jackson's game... no pictures we already have 1 million... we lost and i hate to loose! Home to scarf pizza down, shower the stinky boys, and off to...

Jumpin Jax for Jackson's 6th birthday party with his buddy Cole and at least 25 sweaty yucky boys :). He has a great time and all the kids played so hard. Check out how hot and sweaty Jackson is. Both boys had super cute baseball cakes and all the kids had baseball cupcakes. We saved out presents and opened them at home which was much better... i only had 2 kids to keep out of the way as opposed to 25 plus.

Richard's family came over after to celebrate mother's day and let me just say I am WAY GLAD I am past the toddler stage... potty training (or lack there of) and child proofing a house is something i don't miss at all.... but we had yummy snacks and good times!

Oh what fun! We had a super busy Saturday full of good times, family, friends, memories and most of all celebrating (again) Jackson's birthday! We had a BLAST....

and we SURVIVED to tell about it! :)

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