Friday, June 19, 2009

BPM disorder....

I think I have been officially diagnosed with BPM (Ball Park Mom) disorder? I LOVE watching this little guy play ball! It is so much FUN!!!! I love all the "stuff" their team got... matching bags with their names on it and helmets too... they look so official... well as official as a six year old can look :) I LOVE how cute he looks in his uniform and his shirt has his last name on the back... ugh... i just can't get enough pictures of him from the back... i think i took 10... i have a problem! (And check out the infamous patch on his sleeve that had to be sewn on... thank goodness for friends that can sew b.c this momma is NOT domestic... don't even have a needle and thread at our house... really!) Like i said Who knew you had to be domestic for your kids to play all stars? I LOVE these cute little stars that they hang on the fence around the sponsor sign with all the players names and pictures in their ball uniforms... such a great way to show team spirit!
I LOVED (and got chills) when they did the "opening ceremony" before the game started... they called all the players names and numbers and they ran to the line and lined up when their name was called... so awesome.
They also played the National Anthem and I know this is not a good picture but I had to share it... look how precious my boy looks with hand "near" his heart looking at the flag.... brings tears to my eye... so sweet!
I LOVE watching him bat... and again not a very good picture but it is hard to get through the fence holes with my lens to take a good picture and watch too... but he went 6 for 6 last night! I LOVE the look of concentration and determination on his face... he was watching his coach seeing if he needed to stay or run... Here he comes from third base to home.... coach sent him (gave me a heart attack)... and it was going to be close whether he made it home or not....
Here is the collision at the plate... not a very good picture.... but he ran hard and slid but he got out... he said "i tried to push him out of the way but i couldn't"... LOVE IT!
I LOVE the excitement in their face after the game after they shook hands running back to the dug out shouting "we won"... they were so PROUD!!! ( and we were too)
After they beat Shelby Co. they got about a 10 minute break and had to play again. As Jackson said "Mom we get to play a double header"... LOVE IT! The second game we played Northport A (as in Tuscaloosa)... OMG i have never seen ANYTHING like it... I did not get any pictures b/c I was in shock most of the time... that team was AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, UNBELIEVABLE!!! We could not hit ANYTHING in the infield that they did not catch and "rocket it" to first base and get our guys out... their second baseman ran backwards, looked up and caught a fly in the air, they turned double plays like the major leagues it was unbelievable. I can't believe that The Univ. of Al. doesn't have the most amazing baseball team around just from pulling from Northport... these 5 year old kids we better than most high school teams. Obviously we did not win this game!
So we play tonight and if we win the first game we play another double header but if we loose we are done :(. Anyone else have BPM????

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