Wednesday, June 24, 2009


There is nothing like turning a work trip to the whole state of Tennessee into a good ole girls trip to Nash-Vegas!!! I "chose" to go work in Tennessee this week Monday through Wednesday and conned my dear friend Katy into tagging along with me... such a trooper!
A little background info about my J-O-B... i have to go to all (well a lot) of the Podunk maw and paw grocery stores that are in the middle of nowhere (most of the time) there are a few that are in "the big city" and "sell" them groceries. It takes me about 10 minutes in each store but about an hour or longer to get to each store. So therefore their is nothing like a good girlfriend to keep you company on the 1000 mile / 20 something store /3 day trip!
So for all you inquiring minds that want to know how in the world we made this FUN and what in the world we did... here you go!
We did a whole lot of this..... aka DRIVING..... or riding on Katys case....
And this is going to be your NEW best friend and you are going to listen VERY carefully so you don't get lost... DONT leave home WITHOUT it!!!!
the beloved tom tom gps
You start off your trip at this bakery and load up on meltaways, cinnamon rolls, cheese straws, and thumbprint cookies... they make great car snacks... and you must carry the leftovers around in your car the whole trip b/c really they are too good to throw away even when they are hard as rocks! :)
Then you drive a very long way towards Chattanooga... lots of conversation along the way... then you stop and eat lunch here... because you don't have this restaurant near you and it is very good "fast food Italian"! There bread sticks are YUMMY!

Then you drive for a few more hundred miles and this lovely place becomes your home away from home...and you are very happy they have this every morning... free breakfast... and might I add they have some yummy Cinnamon rolls and biscuits and gravy too!

You also eat dinner the first night here....b.c you don't have the restaurant locally either and i might add they have some REALLY good buttery croissants... YUMMY!

After you flip back and forth between bachelorette and jon and kate, you teach your friend how to blog stalk and then slept in your home away from home comfy beds and eat the free breakfast the next morning... you get in the car and drive a few more 100 miles.

Thank goodness for these babies...because they will keep you going and there is a sonic in every town i wished we would have counted how many sonics we saw during our 3 day trip... i am guessing at least 20... no lie... they are EVERYWHERE on EVERY corner!

Then you actually eat lunch their one day b.c you have seen it so much you start craving it... but by the end of the trip you are SICK of seeing the signs and are NOT going to eat there even if it is 3:00 and you have NOT had lunch yet!

Then you drive a few more 100 miles and you see it... the most "beautiful thing you think you have ever seen....Opry Mills Mall... outlet mall I might add... and you are more than willing for some retail therapy... and you close the place down making sure to stop in every store!

And you eat at this yummy restaurant inside the malls as well.... Rainforest Cafe! (sorry the picture is so small i look it with my phone)

Then it is back to your home away from home... to tired for TV tonight... a little blog stalk and off to bed and back up for more free breakfast.... then you drive and drive and drive some more... about this time you are getting TIRED of being in the car, your body is hurting from riding and sitting for so long and you are starving b.c it is 3:00 and you refuse to eat at the 10 NASTY fast food restaurants you have seen all week and keep passing!

You know you have been in the car too long when you see a I-65 sign with the beloved word BIRMINGHAM written on it and you party like it is 1999 and you are really only in huntsville... but it means it is close!!!!

So there you have it... a work trip turned into a short girls trip. Thanks for all the company, fellowship, and good girl time my sweet friend... we will have to do it again soon! XOXO :)

PS - Gezz is it me or did we do A LOT of eating???

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  1. Love it!! yes, we sure did a lot of eating.. I guess sitting the car sure does make you hungry!=) It was fun and I'm always up for a road trip.. next time it's too the beach.. sorry richard!! ha!!! love you