Friday, June 26, 2009


This week our church had VBS just for the preschool because last week they had XLR8 sports camp (instead of vbs) for the older kids. Richard volunteered at both camp and vbs (such a good daddy) but Thur. he was ask to go play golf so I filled in for him on Thursday. He was in charge of recreation so I melted for one day outside for a few hours with the littles playing games. Jackson's group came first and they were all into playing kick ball. I enjoyed playing with them! Pics L to R: the boys all lined up to kick, jackson about to kick, jackson dancing with the gorillas at the closing ceremony, j-man, his group, JT (love me some oppie taylor) and jp checking out his certificate! Next came brylee's group... there was mostly girls in her group. They all kicked maybe once and the rest of the time the hung out in the shade or by the water cooler... so girly! L to R: Abby and Makayla in the shade, the girls at the water cooler, brylee, brylee about to kick (she would stop the ball and then kick it... such a girl), brylee and son in law, brylee dancing in the closing ceremony she was ALL INTO IT, proud of her certificate!
We completed VBS and are God's Superheros!
after the last day of VBS we had a vbs volunteer pool and pizza party... the kids had a great time swimming, lucky for me i worked the day of the pool party... this pool was BEAUTIFUL... they had a water fall into the pool and the flowers were so pretty too... i was in AHHH for sure! It was FUN!

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