Thursday, June 4, 2009

Disney Day 7

Today (Thursday) we went back to Hollywood Studios.
My two cuties inside the park. We went right in and rode the new toy story ride!
It was a 3D ride that you shoot at targets and get points.
The kids loved it!!!!
Then we saw the army men!
And Buzz and Woody!
After lunch, jackson richard and i went to the beach club to go swimming
we rode the boat over from studios to the beach club
and guess what..... it started to rain!
jackson checking out all the boats
i love this picture of them walking down the boardwalk....
then we rode the boat to epcot so we could get back on the bus to our place
we also stopped by england to get a beverage...
don't call dhr... jp's is just apple juice
brylee stayed the day with olivia and met us back at epcot for dinner
daddys and their girls...
this is rp's brother... aka jackson's mini me
this is who we think jackson favors
We ate dinner at Germany that night!
cool picture... a sample of all the beers from germany
we all sampled them... light was good... dark was bad
again no dhr calls... it was just for the pictures!
the kids had lots of fun dancing the night away
they loved doing the chicken dance with pap pap
The ball at night... another cool picture!
We watched the fireworks and the laser light show
in the pouring down rain all under a table
with an umbrella wearing ponchos...
oh what FUN!

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