Thursday, June 4, 2009

Disney Day 8

Today (Friday) was our last day in the parks so we were full speed ahead to get it all in. We went back to Magic Kingdom to ride some of the rides we had not ridden or to ride them again and of course we had to catch a parade or two!
This was our attempt of a family picture in front of the castle... not so good but oh well!One of my favorite rides in disney is Small World... i know the song is very annoying and stays in your head all day but I LOVE this ride. And the light blue and white room is my favorite. I think this ride is one of the things you think about when someone mentions disney! Brylee loved all the dancing baby dolls... jackson well just rode!

Some my favorite "dancing baby dolls... and my favorite room!

We watched Philharmagic... Brylee was hilarious reaching out for the stuff.
Jackson loved it too but he kept taking off his glasses.

Of course we had to catch the "parade" performance in front of the castle!

Granny and her girls riding Dumbo! Mommy and the kiddies riding the tea cups... another one of my favs!
And guess what... yep we watch the parade AGAIN!
They loved it... they would watch that thing 100 times i think
brylee and olivia keeping cool before the parade started...
Tigger and Pooh and while i was in line the kids played on poohs playground and apparently jackson found the water which is why he is soaked in the picture...boys!
After our day at Magic Kingdom we headed over to Epcot to eat nachos at Mexico and do a few things there and then watch the Lasar light show and fireworks again... except this time it was minus the rain... much better. We keep the kids going all day... no swimming or resting in the room for us today... last day got to get it all in... rest day is tomorrow on the way home!
anyone up for some music?
princess kitty and the viking... the kids had been asking all week to get their face painted but we always went swimming and it would have just washed right off... so we "finally" let them get them painted tonight... they thought it was way cool!
waiting for the show to start and of course we all had to get
a light up spin-e thing for the show...
one of the "workers" gave jackson these 3D glasses to
wear during the fireworks show... they are cool it made the
sparks look like mickey heads. he loved it!
and apparently it was even better with a sucker!
The show is just so cool... the globe lights up and floats are the lake...
i think this picture is way cool too...
the globe opens up at the end too...
all of us watching the fireworks
i thought this was cool with our shadows and the fireworks
showing off their coin books
all around the parks there are these coin machines
the kids enjoyed making disney coins
and granny and pap pap bought the kids
these coin books to keep them in...
** can you tell i ready to be done...***

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